Live support offerings

We are keenly aware when you purchase assetDNA, it's not just about technology - it's about how technology drives successful outcomes for your organisation. That's why assetDNA support is an important part of your technology investment decision.

Only with assetDNA, can you rely on Relegen engineers and asset management specialists to deliver high quality service that meets your needs and maximises your investment in assetDNA.

We offer a variety of support options from pay-as-you-go incident support packs through to service-level agreements, giving you access to expert help whenever you need it. And, our subscription-based licensing model means you’ll always have access to software updates and the most current releases.


Per incident support packs

With assetDNA you receive 30 days complimentary telephone technical support from the date of installation. To extend your coverage further, you can purchase assetDNA incident support packs and access Relegen’s support experts whenever you need to. To learn more about assetDNA per incident support packs contact us >>

Service-level agreements

We are committed to delivering high-quality enterprise-class support with a single objective in mind: your success. assetDNA service-level agreements [SLAs] are designed to give you guaranteed rapid response times for mission-critical asset intelligence applications. To learn more about SLAs contact us >>

Immediate access to the latest software updates

All active assetDNA subscription licenses are always inclusive of software maintenance which means you get the benefits of new and enhanced features and fixes as and when updates and upgrades are released for assetDNA software.

Got a question about assetDNA support?

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