Help is always at hand for users of assetDNA.

Getting started 

If you have just a few minutes and want to know the basics, the ‘Getting started with assetDNA’ guide is the place to begin. It is intended to be a quick reference guide for those working with assetDNA for the first time. The getting started guide features both on your assetDNA software DVD in PDF and in print in the cover of the DVD case.

User manual

The assetDNA user manual is a comprehensive guide that takes you through all the features of the assetDNA application. The user manual is included on your assetDNA software DVD in PDF format. 

In-product help

A help menu is provided to give access to the assetDNA user manual inside the assetDNA application. Choose ‘Help’ from the text menu bar menu or press F1, type a few words in the search field, and then press return.

Log an issue

For online services and support information, visit where you can log onto the support centre using your username and password. From there you can search for the latest software updates, browse user manuals and log support issues.