assetDNA user support

We have a wide and growing range of resources available to assist you with assetDNA – everything from getting started guides, user manuals and software updates to live phone support plans and enterprise service level agreements.

And, to back this up, we also deliver a full range of professional services, honed over many years of experience working with the Australian Defence Force, to not only help you improve the value of assetDNA but the whole of your business.

Website resources

We’ve compiled a useful landing page with quick links for all things assetDNA to help point you in the right direction. Browse our website resources page >>

System specs

To successfully install and run assetDNA software, your hardware must meet the minimum system requirements. To ensure you have the right hardware for your software, see the assetDNA system specs >>


User documentation

With your purchase of assetDNA you’ll get everything from getting started guides, in-depth user manuals right through to in-product help – comprehensive user resources to assist you at every step of the way. Browse available assetDNA documentation >>

Live support offerings

We offer a variety of support programs from flexible per-incident support packs through to service-level agreements, which give you access to expert help whenever you need it to maximise your investment in assetDNA. Learn more about assetDNA's live support offerings >>

Training & user education

Relegen offers a range of training programs to meet your needs. Whether it’s beginner, refresher or advanced, face-to-face or live online, one-on-one or classroom style, we will have a solution for your business requirements. Learn more about assetDNA training programs >>

Professional services from Relegen

Tap into our deep engineering and asset intelligence expertise honed over many years of working with Defence and industry. We offer full service solutions to help solve your business problems, enhance productivity, optimise operations and integrate best-practice business processes. Learn more about Relegen professional services >>

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