Solutions from Relegen and HID Global Deliver Real-Time Armoury Tracking Capabilities for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 1 DECEMBER, 2011 – In a joint statement with HID Global, Relegen today announced that its asset intelligence solution – assetDNA™ – has been deployed at the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The solution has been adopted by Customs and Border Protection as their Arms Inventory Management System to help them achieve real-time tracking of their extensive armoury.

The solution combines assetDNA software and intelligent multi-layer tags, and the asset tagging component of the Arms Inventory Management System utilises HID Global’s Logi Tag® and IN Tag solutions, as well as DataTraceDNA®, covert security technology from DataDot Technology Ltd. With the new Arms Inventory Management System, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is currently managing approximately 6,000 weapons and personal defence equipment that are geographically-dispersed among 37 land-based and 11 vessel armouries.

“Our ten plus years experience at a mission-critical level with the Australian Defence Force prepared us well to deliver the comprehensive asset tracking solution Customs and Border Protection requires,” said Paul Bennett, managing director with Relegen. “In this case, the ability to connect thousands of real-world assets with corporate information and give Customs and Border Protection’s Central Office an accurate and real-time view was dependent on reliable tags that could withstand the rigors of daily use in extreme conditions. That is why we partnered with HID Global on this important project.”

“In addition to reliability, HID Global offers one of the broadest portfolios of RFID tags for asset tracking,” said Marie-Francoise Glotz, vice president of Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Relegen was able to analyse performance and durability requirements and select the most appropriate tag for each unique asset type. This asset intelligence technology solution provides a model for any organisation managing operation-critical assets in routine or emergency response situations.”

Delivering benefits beyond tracking weapons and personal defence equipment, the new Relegen solution with HID Global technology enables the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to better protect the safety of their officers, improve security around the issuance and receipt of armoury and improve staff productivity. Security features ensure assets are issued and received by officers with appropriate training and authority, and data-driven audit trails provide accurate records of who received what and when. The solution’s lifecycle management capabilities track individual assets as they move through defined business processes and flag items that are due for inspection, maintenance and replacement. Administration staff also spends less time completing audits and compiling reports for Customs and Border Protection’s Central Office, enabling the Central Office to swiftly make critical decisions based on the latest information at hand. 

For more detailed information about the solutions and deployment, download the case study today.

About assetDNA

Developed by practicing engineers in mission-critical environments, assetDNA is a complete asset intelligence technology solution that helps organisations improve their approach to enterprise asset management. assetDNA integrates easy-to-use software, hand-held mobile applications, smart asset IDs [Barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, covert security microdots, direct part marking], commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and Relegen professional services. It’s easy to integrate with corporate systems – EAMs, ERPs, CMMS’s – as well as touch-screens, SCADA and geospatial systems and more. Asset intelligence deployments range from the issue and receipt of armoury and PPE, automated workflows for asset inspections and certification, through to sophisticated systems for managing asset-intensive operations in defence, mining and more. Implementation can be as simple as the new out-of-the-box assetDNA Pilot Kit or a fully-customised system finely tuned to business needs.

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