Asset intelligence for innovative waste management

Removing waste, recyclables and wastewater quickly, efficiently and safely is a growing challenge. The disposal of assets, in particular, is a key step in the asset life cycle and it has become a more challenging one with new policies and requirements on electronics recycling zero landfill and data security.

Client expectation of waste management providers is also rising. As society becomes more environmentally conscious it is presenting providers with a challenge. They must be able to answer with certainty such questions as “how much waste is there”, “is it hazardous, toxic or recyclable” and “how much should the creator of the waste pay for its disposal.”

While the questions may be simple, the answers point to the future of waste management. Providers must turn to technology to associate waste with its creators and to track waste uniquely. It’s a situation that calls for a universal re-think of the definition of an asset and for the deployment of information technology to answer those simple questions.

assetDNA for waste and waste management organisations

assetDNA is a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that can meet the new demands of today’s waste management and regulations around the disposal of waste. Here are some of the many features, functions and benefits assetDNA offers organisations in waste management sectors:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as EAM, ERPand CMMS to improve the quality of data in these systems for better decision making
  • Identifies and tracks various types of waste, even waste packages, as globally unique and using RFID asset ID technology
  • Associates waste with clients and billing processes
  • Manages asset disposal to industry standards
  • Increases reuse and recycling
  • Supports better decisions around repair versus replacement
  • Provides better data for finance departments to make decisions on depreciation and asset write downs
  • Ensures consistency and demonstrates compliance in disposing of waste [e.g. toxic waste or electronic equipment]
  • Associates disposal certificates with assets for demonstrating compliance

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Past projects and customer successes

assetDNA asset intelligence technology is being trialled by one of the world’s largest waste management organisations. Relegen is working with Fujitsu to improve the tracking of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from one of Australia’s largest resource projects in WA. A combination of software, mobile apps and RFID asset ID’s will help this client gain near real-time insights into the movement of waste from offshore projects, improve customer invoicing and more.

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