Asset intelligence for complying with safety, health and environment

Industry’s compliance with rules to support safety, health and the environment is the focus of increasing attention by governments and agencies and any breach of regulations invites more than financial penalties. Failure of high-value assets is not only disruptive and costly in terms of lost production, unfavourable publicity, occupational health and safety compliance, and the risk of tighter environmental regulation. A small oversight can too easily be broadcast globally over social media and the repercussions to a corporate reputation or a bottom line can be large.

So, as a prerequisite for successful performance, progressive organisations are making major advances in best practice by integrating asset capabilities with business practices and procedures underpinning occupational health and safety, environmental regulatory compliance, insurance, safety and security and the management of high-risk maintenance items.

Not only are they now able to attach employee attributes such as personal records, training and certification, directly to individual assets  but they are managing the receipt of safety equipment, standardising best practice safety workflows, ensuring safe handling documentation is up to date and, overall, focusing on safe operations.

assetDNA for safety, health and environmental compliance

assetDNA can help organisations across all industry sectors improve safety and compliance in a number of ways:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as EAM, ERPand CMMS to improve the quality of data provided by these systems to enable better decision making and visibility of critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance
  • Controls authorised access and permits, ensures safe operation and handling.
  • Issues proper functioning equipment, commensurate with training & authority.
  • Meets servicing standards and environmental, recycling and disposal regulations.
  • Associates safety, environmental and certification documents with assets for their lifetime
  • Easily demonstrates compliance to standards with data-driven audit trails
  • Eliminates paper-based systems and accelerates the standardisation of best-practice procedures such as checklists, asset inspections, maintenance work orders and more
  • Integrates ‘Take 5’s into mobile application workflows and records electronically
  • Issues and receipts assets and mission critical safety gear to custodians
  • Takes digital photographs & stores images, records maintenance and safety incidents on-the-spot

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Past projects and customer successes

assetDNA is used by many clients to help them better manage safety, environment and regulatory compliance. Industrial Decontamination Services (IDS), a specialist in the decontamination and laundering of protective equipment for mining companies, use assetDNA to manage their sanitisation, cleaning, quarantining and recycling operations. By marrying ruggedised hardware, RFIDs and touch screens, IDS are able to adhere to a strict workflow, ensuring the highest safety standards are met. They can also generate a quick turnaround for clients, manage quarantined items safely, record costs accurately against individual clients, and monitor the performance of their laundries from a central location.

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