The crucial advantage for mines of the future

In the face of rising input costs and fluctuating demand, operating an efficient business, as well as containing costs, is critical. You could say it’s about doing more with less and getting more out of what you have. The focus of mine operators must now be on productivity and extending the capabilities of their existing assets.

For that they need enterprise-wide visibility of a diverse asset portfolio, from their largest trucks and drilling machines to tracking the very minerals and ores that are their reason for being, from fixed plant and equipment to mobile items, safety equipment and more. With visibility of assets, including their components and  rotatable parts, mining organisations can do everything from optimising fleets across the enterprise to uniquely track ore as it moves from the pit through the processing chain to ensure its security as it’s delivered to the end customer. Unparalleled asset visibility is the key to profitability even though margins are being squeezed as never before.

assetDNA benefits for mining and minerals processing

Relegen’s asset intelligence technology solution – assetDNA – helps mining organisations improve the quality of asset data so they can make better decisions that will maximise asset use across fleets, enterprise-wide, improve and standardise best practices, control escalating costs reduce risk and meet safety and environment regulatory compliance. Here are some of the many features, functions and benefits assetDNA offers mining and minerals organisations:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as EAM, ERP and CMMS to improve the quality of data in these systems to ensure better decision making
  • Tracks any asset or component, rotatable parts, even raw materials through to finished goods with globally unique asset IDs
  • Tracks asset location, movement and transfers
  • Collects in-field operational data, on the go, with the fully integrated assetDNA mobile app
  • Eliminates paper-based systems and accelerates the standardisation of best-practice procedures such as checklists, asset inspections, maintenance work orders and more
  • Integrates ‘Take 5’s into mobile workflows and records electronically
  • Issues and receipts assets and mission critical safety gear to custodians
  • Takes digital photographs & stores images, records maintenance and safety incidents on-the-spot
  • Controls access to equipment commensurate with training and authority

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Past projects and customer successes

Relegen has a proven track record of delivering successful projects for mining enterprises. We have been listed in Rio Tinto’s Top Ten Supplier Recognition Program for two consecutive years ahead of much larger suppliers. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality business outcomes for mining projects. Our work is varied and includes process review and documentation, automating routine inspections, issue and receipt of mission critical safety equipment and more

assetDNA is proven in the mining industry. Some examples include:

  • assetDNA is helping to track copper from pit to warehouse at what will be one of the world’s largest copper mines when it reaches full production in 2018. Asset intelligence software and RFID-based asset ID’s will help this client gain real-time insights into the movement of copper bags, deliver improved security and enable better business decisions.
  • A NSW Hunter Valley mining company has installed Relegen’s solution to improve inspection routines for all assets along a 4.5 kilometre over-land conveyor at its raw coal processing facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This deployment also integrates ‘Take 5’ into the mobile inspection processes. Read the full story in our whitepaper – 'Asset intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now' >>
  • A Kalgoorlie nickel smelter and concentrator uses assetDNA to manage its inventory of mission-critical respirator equipment for staff and contractors. The proper functioning and use of personal protective equipment [PPE] is one of the most important issues confronting this site. Each month nearly AU$ 1million in PPE is on issue to staff and contractors. The risk of misplacing or losing these assets is a significant cost to the business and ill-fitting or problematic equipment can present a serious risk to health and safety. Read the full story in our whitepaper – 'Asset intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now' >>

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