Asset intelligence means smooth sailing

Whether for industry, commerce or pleasure, if any environment exemplifies the need for intelligence about the integrity of assets to meet their charter, it is the maritime sector. It is complex, global and competitive. Asset investment is significant and the consequence of asset failure is potentially serious in financial and operational terms.

In an unforgiving environment, few industries are as harsh or demand as much of their assets as shipping and offshore oil and gas production. From gigantic life-supporting platforms in remote locations and drilling equipment to hi-tech diving equipment, there can be no margin for error. Lifecycle management is a by-word for the receipt, dispatch, transfer, re-order, issuance, returns, inventory, inspections and maintenance of assets.

No less unforgiving in the eyes of many, is the pleasure of ocean racing. Whether it is round the world or off the coast, investment and reputations depend on the inspection and certification of assets and the timeliness and accuracy of the resulting data.

assetDNA for marine and maritime agencies

assetDNA is a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that can meet the demands of the maritime industry. Here are some of the many features, functions and benefits assetDNA offers organisations in the marine and maritime sector:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as EAM, ERP and CMMS to improve the quality of data in these systems to ensure better decision making
  • Optimises use and performance of vessel assets and across fleets
  • Manages any asset on any vessel or marine structure as globally unique
  • Supports compliance with government regulatory requirements.
  • Data analysis and reporting capabilities help improve safety management and operational performance.
  • Access to real-time data
  • Evaluates costs across entire fleets
  • Easily demonstrates standards compliance with data-driven audit trails
  • Eliminates paper-based systems and accelerates the standardisation of best-practice procedures such as checklists, asset inspections, maintenance, work orders and more
  • Integrates ‘Take 5’s into mobile workflows and records electronically
  • Issues and receipts assets and mission critical safety gear to custodians
  • Takes digital photographs & stores images, records maintenance and safety incidents on-the-spot
  • Controls access to equipment commensurate with training and authority

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Past projects and customer successes

The maritime sector leverages the comprehensive expertise and knowledge that Relegen’s professional staff has honed over many years undertaking diverse projects for the Royal Australian Navy. These range from technical regulation services to physical configuration audits of vessels and the management of services associated with the Navy’s Amphibious and Afloat Support Systems Program Office.

Our experience in the private sector is just as impressive. assetDNA was chosen by a leading global company specialising in asset integrity for subsea structures in the oil, gas, marine and renewable energy industries. assetDNA also helps a manufacturer in the marine sector to manage the diving equipment it provides to improve lifecycle management around the receipt, dispatch, transfer, reorder, issuance, returns, inventory, inspection and maintenance of its assets.

The assetDNA Pilot Kit is also being trialled by The America’s Cup Race Management organisation for the tracking of marshalling vessels and equipment.

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