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While process and discrete manufacturers alike have committed to powerful information systems such as ERP or EAM, their most acute pain points remain centred on asset management issues. Minimising production downtime is a top asset management priority. Missed production schedules with resulting loss of profit margin, reputation or both are unacceptable.

Manufacturers must ask themselves can they, with more information about their assets, achieve the speed and accuracy that is the hallmark of successful manufacturing in a global marketplace. Those hallmarks should be visible at every step in the manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of the final product, from shop floor management to field service and field sales management and on to visibility of the entire supply chain.

assetDNA benefits for manufacturers and distributors

For high-volume industries where reliability, performance standards and safety are vital, Relegen offers a technically superior product. assetDNA enables manufacturers to enhance their brand and boost innovation by improving the quality of manufacturing data on customers, products, inventory, raw materials, suppliers and materials. Here are some of the many features, functions and benefits assetDNA offers manufacturing organisations:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as EAM, ERP and CMMS to improve the quality of data in these systems to ensure better decision making
  • Tracks assets, components, and rotatable parts, even raw materials, through to finished goods with globally unique asset IDs
  • Reduces losses due to wastage and deters theft
  • Proves authenticity and protects brands from counterfeits with sophisticated global unique asset tagging and identifications solutions, thereby protecting revenues
  • Tracks asset location, movement and transfers
  • Knows what you have so you can depreciate all your assets
  • Tracks full asset lifecycle to aid planning, finance and forecasting
  • Streamlines operations, standardises and enforces procedures, automates repeatable processes and replicates best practice.

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Past projects and customer successes

Divex, a world leader in the supply and manufacture of diving and subsea equipment, uses assetDNA to manage quality, certification and safety documentation for their product ranges. The system also entails a web service that enables their clients to interact with asset data from external locations.

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