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If any arm of our defence forces – air, land or sea – faces one fundamental challenge, it is the need for equipment, systems and personnel to be mission-ready and rapidly deployable to address diverse and unpredictable situations.

A range of information systems, engineering know-how and allied skills are essential to achieve this objective: whether it is to track parts and equipment as globally unique through a complex supply chain, or to optimise maintenance procedures to ensure a state of operational readiness or to obtain more comprehensive data from maintenance rounds and audits.

The more accurate the asset data, the better the quality of the decisions that can be made about readiness, reliability and outcomes, whether for training, humanitarian missions or conflicts.

assetDNA benefits for Defence organisations

Relegen’s asset intelligence technology solution – assetDNA – significantly improves the quality of mission-critical asset data and delivers actionable insights in support of better strategic and tactical decision-making. Here are some of the many features, functions and benefits assetDNA offers Defence organisations:

  • A complete solution: software, asset tags, mobile apps and professional services
  • Works with existing applications such as supply chain and maintenance to improve the quality of data in these systems for better decision making
  • Supports global unique asset identification programs for traceability and data integrity throughout supply chains and asset lifecycles
  • Easily tracks and manages assets and components uniquely, including rotatable parts, spares and supplies
  • Collects in-field and operational data, on-the-go using ready-to-run mobile apps
  • Keeps operations and historical data with assets for a lifetime
  • Easily associate documents, inspection and test certificates with asset records
  • Ensures high-quality data capture, eliminates manual data-entry errors and incomplete data, improve data alignment with Defence directives
  • Developed to Defence force security standards with robust role-based security and permissions
  • Increases productivity and produces cleaner asset audits, faster
  • Significantly improves asset data quality over time

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Past projects and customer successes

Having been a trusted partner to the Australian Defence Force more than 13 years Relegen has built a reputation for excellence. We are an accredited supplier on the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services [DMOSS] panel as well as a provider to many other Defence organisations and we are part of the DMO’s Maritime Systems Division Key Divisional Suppliers program.

Our assetDNA technology has underpinned many data management projects across all services – air, land and sea – including physical asset audits to assist with the preparedness of Navy vessels, data alignment programs and asset identification and tagging [Barcode, RFID, and direct part marking] of equipment, rotatable parts, vehicles, weapons, PPE, armoury management and more.

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