assetDNA industry sectors

Today, all industry sectors face complex challenges when it comes to enterprise asset management.

These challenges can only be met with asset intelligence, gathered in real-time and over time – intelligence that deals not just with the physical assets which enable an enterprise to deliver its products and services, but with the relationships and events that take place around those assets as they operate in the field over their lifetime.

Relegen brings together a unique combination of expertise and technology to help enterprises gather real-world intelligence about assets. Since 2000, Relegen has leveraged its engineering know-how and software development expertise to help Defence, government, mining, manufacturing, law enforcement and asset-intensive organisations make better business decisions and drive asset productivity.

Developed by our experienced engineers, assetDNA is a complete and fully-integrated solution which combines software, mobile applications, tags from leading vendors, as well as our own patented combination solution, commercial-off-the-shelf [COTS] hardware and professional services.

It works with existing information systems – ERP, EAM, CMMS, accounting and more – to consolidate disparate data into a central repository and integrate it with real-time, real-world operational insights about organisational assets, wherever they may be.

It is a solution deployed to a global customer base spanning all major industry sectors.

Quite simply, assetDNA provides enterprises with the means to manage data related to any type of asset, to whatever level of detail is important, as globally unique, from cradle to grave.

Read more on the following pages about the asset management challenges which confront specific industries and how assetDNA helps to meet those challenges.

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