assetDNA demo video's

Click on the links to watch our new assetDNA demo video's. Also now playing on the assetDNA YouTube channel >>


VIDEO #1 | What is asset intelligence? >>

VIDEO #2 | assetDNA software quick tour >>

VIDEO #3 | assetDNA tags & mobile apps >>

VIDEO #4 | assetDNA & RFID for managing mission-critical assets [NEW] >>


What is asset intelligence?

Wondering what asset intelligence is all about? Watch our new 3 minute introductory video.



assetDNA software quick tour

Take the new assetDNA software quick tour! Discover how asset intelligence technology will improve your approach to enterprise asset management and help you make better decisions with data you can trust.



assetDNA tags & mobile apps

Explore assetDNA mobile's apps for issue, receipt, stocktake, audits, inspections, jobs, Take 5's, photos + more. It's ready-to-run on a wide range of mobile and hand-held devices, easy-to-use, and works with asset tags from leading manufacturers such as barcodes, HF and UHF RFIDs, direct part marks – as well as Relegen’s own global unique asset IDs. Not only will assetDNA mobile increase field productivity, it will feed corporate information systems with real-world insights so organisations can make better decisions at all levels of the enterprise >>




assetDNA & RFID for managing mission-critical assets

Do you need a better way to keep track of key assets such as weapons, PPE, tools, IT Equipment, medical devices or important documents, and a more secure way to check items in and out? If so, then you will be interested in our new video about assetDNA and RFID for managing all your mission-critical assets. Whilst the video is based on an armoury inventory management project we undertook for the ACBPS, it equally applies to any organisation that has assets or items which need to be tracked in a secure and timely manner.



Stay tuned for more quick clips showcasing assetDNA coming soon!