How is assetDNA software sold and licensed?


assetDNA it typically sold as a complete and fully-integrated solution which incorporates software, assetDNA IDs, a mobile device, a mobile application and most often, implementation services. assetDNA software itself uses a subscription-based licensing model. This means that software updates and updates are included as-standard with an active subscription license and ensures all our development resources are invested in giving every customer access to the latest asset intelligence technology as soon as it's released.


How can I access live technical support?


For every new purchase of assetDNA, we offer 30 days free priority technical support from the date of installation/activation. From there you can purchase incident support packs and access Relegen’s support experts whenever you need to. For more information on assetDNA per-incident support packs, click here >>


Can I see a live demo of assetDNA before I purchase?


Yes. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate assetDNA via the web at your convenience. assetDNA web demos last anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour depending on how many questions you might have. To schedule your personal live web demo, please contact us at sales@assetDNA.com.


Can I trial assetDNA before I purchase?


Yes. assetDNA has a 30-day FREE trial program. To register for your FREE 30-day trial of assetDNA, click here >>


Can I conduct a pilot program at my site?


Yes. The new assetDNA Pilot Kit is a ready-to-deploy asset intelligence solution and makes running a pilot program easy. To learn more click here >>


How do I upgrade my trial edition to a paid edition?


Easy. Simply contact our sales team on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or email sales@assetDNA.com.


Does assetDNA have any system requirements?


Yes. Like any software, assetDNA has system requirements. To view the minimum and recommended system requirements for assetDNA click here >>


Can I use or source my own mobile device to run the assetDNA mobile application?


No, becasue the assetDNA mobile app comes pre-installed on the mobile device supplied and is pre-configured to work with your assetDNA solution.