RFID armoury tracking for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Download this case study and see how assetDNA helps organisations managing high-risk or mission-critical assets improve:


  • Security – Digital chain-of-custody tracking, covert proof of ownership, reduce item loss
  • Safety – Asset servicing and replacement, asset access/use permit alerts
  • Visibility – Using global unique identifiers and barcode/RFID tagging systems
  • Productivity – Mobile apps for check-in/check-out and cleaner, faster stocktakes and audits*
  • Compliance – Electronic audit trails for the issue, receipt and movement of assets
  • Decision-making – Supply requirements, inventory and asset lifecycle management

* Deployments similar to the ACBPS implementation have reported up to a 73% reduction in stock-take time using assetDNA and HF RFID hardware. A UHF RFID system could offer even greater gains than this. For organisations doing assurance or compliance checks on large inventories a regular basis, this may result in significant productivity gains and labour cost savings over time.

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