Rigorous risk-based assessments boost asset management

In our last blog post we introduced the concept of a unified platform for risk-based asset management with our new assetDNA-riskDNA ecosystem. This week, we’d like to pick up from where we left off with a closer examination of the risk assessment tools offered up by the system – specifically as they relate to the management of operational assets – and share an interesting anecdote about a real-world application. Continue reading “Rigorous risk-based assessments boost asset management” »

Relegen’s new unified platform for risk-based enterprise asset intelligence

At its core, a risk-based framework is the foundation for best-practice asset management. Such an approach is essential for improving asset knowledge management, performance, integrity, service delivery, safety, and compliance – all whilst minimising costs.

In direct response to this business need, and lack of available tools, Relegen has developed and released a new integrated enterprise asset and risk intelligence platform. Going well beyond traditional asset tracking and enterprise asset management systems [EAM’s], the innovative combination of assetDNA, and the newly-released riskDNA, gives organisations, for the first time ever, access to a seamless, comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of all assets and their associated risks. Continue reading “Relegen’s new unified platform for risk-based enterprise asset intelligence” »

New asset management industry white paper released

‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’

Relegen has just recently published a new white paper called ‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’. We commissioned this paper to help executives and asset managers gain a better understanding of asset intelligence technology and the ways it can be put to work across their organisations to improve enterprise asset management. Continue reading “New asset management industry white paper released” »

Global EAM apps market to grow 6.45% per annum 2011-2015

Despite continuing market uncertainties, sales of enterprise asset management software applications are being driven by demand for enterprise-wide asset performance visibility says technology research company, TechNavio

Enterprise-wide visibility means more than just knowing what and where items are at certain points in time. Rather it means having deep, accurate and real-world insights into relationships, processes and trends that enable enterprises to make the kind of decisions that will shift their operations from reactive to predictive, even automated. However, with so much data dispersed across different systems, where does the journey start for business leaders needing visibility of their ‘things’ right across the enterprise? Continue reading “Global EAM apps market to grow 6.45% per annum 2011-2015” »