Rigorous risk-based assessments boost asset management

In our last blog post we introduced the concept of a unified platform for risk-based asset management with our new assetDNA-riskDNA ecosystem. This week, we’d like to pick up from where we left off with a closer examination of the risk assessment tools offered up by the system – specifically as they relate to the management of operational assets – and share an interesting anecdote about a real-world application. Continue reading “Rigorous risk-based assessments boost asset management” »

Relegen’s new unified platform for risk-based enterprise asset intelligence

At its core, a risk-based framework is the foundation for best-practice asset management. Such an approach is essential for improving asset knowledge management, performance, integrity, service delivery, safety, and compliance – all whilst minimising costs.

In direct response to this business need, and lack of available tools, Relegen has developed and released a new integrated enterprise asset and risk intelligence platform. Going well beyond traditional asset tracking and enterprise asset management systems [EAM’s], the innovative combination of assetDNA, and the newly-released riskDNA, gives organisations, for the first time ever, access to a seamless, comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of all assets and their associated risks. Continue reading “Relegen’s new unified platform for risk-based enterprise asset intelligence” »