Managing evidence and chain of custody with asset intelligence

We’ve all seen police evidence being handled on programs like CSI, but the reality is more complex than the drama show implies. Evidence provides law enforcement agencies with the hard information they need to pursue justice. But tracking the chain-of-custody of thousands of items from crime scenes, through storage locations, to laboratories and court rooms and back, can be a monumental task requiring significant manual effort. However, with the advent of asset intelligence technology, evidence tracking is becoming more automated, efficient and secure. Continue reading “Managing evidence and chain of custody with asset intelligence” »

Improving armoury and weapons management with auto-ID

Armoury management is not just about keeping weapons appropriately stored in a secure RFID cabinet or reinforced room. It’s also about managing allot of information associated with highly-sensitive assets – each with their own story to tell – in the context of complex workflows and compliance requirements. Continue reading “Improving armoury and weapons management with auto-ID” »

UHF RFID for IT asset management applications

If you are looking to improve IT asset utilisation, the accuracy and efficiency of IT audits, maximise depreciation deductions or reduce the costs associated with missing or lost equipment, then you might be interested in a cost-effective UHF RFID solution we are delivering for a client as part of an asset intelligence technology roll-out.

assetDNA for IT Asset Management

Continue reading “UHF RFID for IT asset management applications” »

New video: Managing mission-critical assets with RFID

Does your organisation need to keep track of key assets such as people, property, plant and equipment, or inventory items such as tools, PPE, medical, IT or mobile devices, important files or documents and the like? If so, then you might be interested in our new video about RFID for mission-critical asset management.

This latest video showcases assetDNA’s integration with RFID asset tracking technology for the management of mission-critical assets such as weapons, protective equipment, search and rescue gear, and other items managed by armouries and supply departments. Whilst the video is based on a project we undertook for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, it equally applies to any organisation that has critical assets which need to be tracked in a secure and timely manner. Continue reading “New video: Managing mission-critical assets with RFID” »

Managing high risk assets

Six benefits of asset intelligence software and RFID asset tracking for armoury management

Managing security around high-risk assets is of increasing importance for many industries. None more so than for organisations operating in Defence, law enforcement, corrections, intelligence and those responsible for border management, customs and civil emergencies. It is critical these operations have tight, auditable controls for managing weapons and personal defence equipment (PDE). It is also vital that communities have complete confidence in their security and protection agencies. Continue reading “Managing high risk assets” »