Collaborative data management platforms set to transform enterprise asset management

All organisations strive for reliable, uninterrupted operations. Asset-intensive companies have a special challenge when it comes to keeping systems running. The failure of a mission-critical component such as a pump, a generator or turbine engine can have devastating impact on operations and production. Hours of down-time can be a reality when this failed asset requires identification, trouble-shooting, repair or replacement. The losses may just be a headache – or they can be catastrophic.

To minimise the risk of these events occurring, organisations incur high costs for manual, labour-intensive audits, inspections and rounds, and clock-based maintenance and replacement schedules that may not even be necessary. Furthermore, the data collected during these activities serve only as a snapshot of a point in time and very rarely is it shared in a timely manner with OEM’s, service agents, users and other asset stakeholders.

But what if the operator tasked with bringing the asset back online had access to all real-time and historical data – manufacturing, warranty, engineering, user manuals, past wear and tear, performance and operating history, past failures, a full service history – accessible in the field? Continue reading “Collaborative data management platforms set to transform enterprise asset management” »