UHF RFID for IT asset management applications

If you are looking to improve IT asset utilisation, the accuracy and efficiency of IT audits, maximise depreciation deductions or reduce the costs associated with missing or lost equipment, then you might be interested in a cost-effective UHF RFID solution we are delivering for a client as part of an asset intelligence technology roll-out.

assetDNA for IT Asset Management

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RFID-blocking jeans to go on sale soon!

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off our 2015 blog program with a light-hearted story that has somewhat of a more serious undertone.

This year the retail clothing market will see the release of RFID-blocking jeans. This new product has been developed to combat growing security concerns about identity and personal information theft through ‘skimming’ the RFID chips which are typically found on bank cards and credit cards nowadays. Continue reading “RFID-blocking jeans to go on sale soon!” »