Managing high risk assets

Six benefits of asset intelligence software and RFID asset tracking for armoury management

Managing security around high-risk assets is of increasing importance for many industries. None more so than for organisations operating in Defence, law enforcement, corrections, intelligence and those responsible for border management, customs and civil emergencies. It is critical these operations have tight, auditable controls for managing weapons and personal defence equipment (PDE). It is also vital that communities have complete confidence in their security and protection agencies. Continue reading “Managing high risk assets” »

What is an asset?

Any ‘thing’ that is important to you and your business. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it’s not…

Assets are the things that make your organisation unique. They are the capabilities that set your organisation apart from others and create superior value for your customers. They are not the exclusive domain of accounting, maintenance or engineering. They are your competitive advantage. Continue reading “What is an asset?” »