About Relegen [Developer of assetDNA]

We have something more to offer customers than other software vendors – we bring together best practice engineering services and asset intelligence technology expertise, honed over many years of experience working with the Australian Defence Force.This, combined with our experienced staff, extensive engineering network and in-house asset intelligence technology, helps industry leaders in Defence, government, mining, manufacturing, and more, improve the performance of mission-critical systems to drive better business outcomes.

Leaders in asset intelligence


Relegen is a leading provider of asset intelligence technology solutions and services. We help organizations drive performance by extracting greater value out of their assets. We do this by coupling experienced staff, engineering expertise and asset intelligence technology that is developed and maintained by our software development team. Asset intelligence turns disparate asset data silo’s into meaningful, actionable information – a single, authoritative point of truth.


Accredited DMOSS Panel Major Service Provider


Relegen's deep expertise stems from delivering technology and services to the Australian Defence Force for 12+ years and being 1 of only 10 Major Service Providers on the DMOSS Panel. This experience, combined with our innovative products, enables us to deliver advanced solutions for some of the most challenging problems being faced by asset-intensive sectors today.


Reputation for engineering excellence


Relegen has been recognised by Rio Tinto's 'Top Ten Supplier Recognition Program' in 2008 & 2009. Our people are capable of understanding individual client requirements and developing innovative solutions to meet those needs. With a consultative approach, our people remain engaged throughout the project life-cycle, from the initial briefing workshops to delivery and beyond.


Extensive networks, strong partnerships


We have strong relationships with world-class vendors, partners and resellers, giving us the practical ability to deliver best-of-breed solutions for our clients. Relegen’s own personnel, together with its extensive engineering network, have the skills and experience to respond quickly to the specific needs of clients. We also maintain strong business-to-business relationships with major companies ensuring clients have access to the right expertise for their requirements.


ISO 9001 certified


At Relegen, we think the best way to ensure that our clients receive maximum satisfaction from our work is to ensure that all our projects are completed to internationally certified standards. Relegen has a stringent business management and quality system in place to provide products and services of the highest calibre. Our work practices meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and we adhere to other official standards specified by our clients. We focus on business outcomes when it comes to managing quality and recognise performance is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable business.


Our focus is your success


Our products and services are designed with one thing in mind – your success. Relegen works to ensure you get continuous value, not only from your investments in our technology and services, but the whole of your business. Nothing matters more to us than making sure that you are completely satisfied with the results we deliver and the way in which we do it. Your success is our success. Your goals are our goals. We focus on delivery, exceeding expectations and making sure that you have been provided with level of service that you expect.

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