Why choose assetDNA?

assetDNA will improve your approach to asset management because it puts the real-world asset at the centre of the equation. It integrates, rather than duplicates, asset data from across your organisation – ERP, EAM, CMMS, Finance and more – with new inputs for a full 360 degree view. It gives you a single, authoritative point of truth so you and your organisation can make better business decisions with data you can trust.

Here are some more of the many reasons why you should consider assetDNA for your organisation:


Everything is included

Software, mobile app, PDA, asset IDs, documentation, support services & more

With assetDNA everything is included – flexible, full-featured asset intelligence software, an assetDNA mobile app that comes pre-installed on a PDA for field data capture, asset IDs [with a globally unique number series and which incorporate RFIDs, barcodes and microdots], user documentation, quick-start deployment services and ongoing technical support. Implementation can be as simple as the new out-of-the-box assetDNA Pilot Kit or a fully-customised system finely tuned to your business needs.


Created by engineers & specialist asset management consultants

Working mission-critical environments

assetDNA’s development has been guided by practicing engineers and specialist asset management consultants working in mission-critical environments – not software developers. Relegen, the developers of assetDNA, are at the forefront of asset intelligence – a position we’ve attained through our work for the Australian Defence Force over many years and being 1 of only 10 major service providers on the DMOSS panel. We are ISO 9001 certified and we have also been recognised by Rio Tinto's 'Top Ten Supplier Recognition Program' in the past. In doing so, we have built up a reputation among top tier organisations for technology innovation, excellence in service delivery, quality and reliability.


Works with existing enterprise systems

To bridge the gap between data & assets and deliver a full 360° view 

assetDNA is the missing link between the data in your enterprise information systems and your assets in-the-field, between fiction and reality, between corporate strategy and operational reality. Its open architecture works with existing enterprise systems – EAMs, ERPs, CMMSs – to integrate, rather than duplicate, data from across your organisation, with new inputs for a full 360 degree view. It’s easy to integrate with touch-screens, SCADA and geospatial systems and more. With assetDNA you can preserve and extend investments in existing systems to improve the quality of your corporate information, streamline business processes and drive innovation across the enterprise.


Developed to defence security standards

With enterprise-level control in mind

assetDNA was built from the ground up with the Australian Defence Force and enterprise-grade security in mind. To ensure system security, all assetDNA data transactions are recorded and can be traced and recalled at any point in time. Organisations can define their own roles and permissions for assetDNA users with a comprehensive set of configurable control points that enable or limit functionality. assetDNA also has a multi-layer password policy which can enforce users to regularly update their password to ensure the security of your asset intelligence data.


For all types of assets 

Across any industry sector

With assetDNA, you can manage any asset – big, small, tangible, intangible, mobile, mission-critical, product, people, customers and more – across any industry, as globally unique, to whatever level of detail is important to your business, from cradle to grave. It works for any organisation, of any size, and handles an unlimited number of assets and attribute data.


Delivers the ultimate, authoritative, single point of truth 

For all your asset intelligence

assetDNA makes it easier for organisations to create a point of truth for all their asset intelligence – key for minimising risks and making smarter decisions. It integrates, rather than replicates, data from across the organisation with new inputs for a full 360 degree view – one that is in lockstep with your real-world assets in-the-field. It also provides robust role and permission controls, document version management and audit trail capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations.


Deployment-ready and very easy to use 

And it’s backed from Relegen engineering services for technical support

assetDNA is a proven, deployment-ready solution that is very easy to use – customers go live in weeks, days even, instead of months and more. The familiar MS Windows environment makes it very easy to learn and navigate. It features the latest .NET technology and runs on the industry-standard MS SQL. And, building capabilities for asset intelligence has been made even easier with the launch of the new assetDNA Pilot Kit. Included is everything you need – software, asset IDs, mobile application, hand-held devices and more – in a box at an affordable price.  It puts you, not teams of external consultants, in the pilot seat and in control. Learn more about the new assetDNA Pilot Kit >>


Keeps operational and historical data with your assets, for a lifetime

Using assetDNA global unique asset identifiers 

assetDNA makes asset knowledge management easy with global unique identifiers – the key to capturing, retaining and sharing asset intelligence data throughout the entire asset lifecycle and ensuring traceability and data integrity, even across global communities. You can also store operational documents, replicate best practice processes and workflows and manage assets from cradle, through recycle, in and out of quarantine, to grave. You can eliminate questions like: ‘Who’s the expert on this piece of equipment? ‘What’s the inspection procedure?’ ‘When was the last service?’, ‘What’s due when?’ even take photos as evidence of an issue on-the-spot, in the field. assetDNA makes building capabilities for asset intelligence easy.


Scales from small project to enterprise-wide

From pilot to system implementation at a lower cost of entry & reduced risk

Many customers start by implementing the assetDNA Pilot Kit to solve a specific issue, make their initial use an internal success case, then scale up to other critical areas like tracking asset genealogy, automating inspection routines, enhancing security & compliance and gaining new corporate-wide asset intelligence.


A future proof investment

People, processes, technologies and partnerships

In developing a complete solution, we used our engineering expertise to develop best-in-class technology and we work with proven global market leaders to deliver the right solutions for our client’s asset intelligence needs. We are continually investing in assetDNA to make it even more useful and ensure our customers experience the best performance possible. We maintain one core software product so that when we work on an update, our entire user-community benefits. And, we are vendor-independent when it comes to covert security, RFID and hardware devices so you can always take advantage of the latest mobile technologies to drive your business forward.


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