The new assetDNA Pilot Kit

The new assetDNA Pilot Kit is the asset management industry’s first fully-integrated rapid deployment solution. Engineered to provide the ultimate implementation experience, the kit assembles everything you need in a box, at an affordable price. It’s the easiest way to get started with asset intelligence.

assetDNA Pilot Kit

Ready to go,
right out of the box

The new assetDNA Pilot Kit is a complete out-of-the-box solution that includes:
  • assetDNA software
  • assetDNA IDs [RFIDs + barcodes]
  • Covert security ID system
  • assetDNA mobile application
  • Hand-held PDA + accessories
    [even a spare battery!]
  • User documentation
  • Implementation services
  • 12 months software updates
  • 12 months support
  • Ruggedised, waterproof mobile case

Deployment services included

Furthermore, to jumpstart the success of your asset intelligence pilot, Relegen also bundles in comprehensive support services including a pre-deployment workshop, on-site installation and post implementation reviews. 

Eliminate complex, costly implementation programs

Unlike consultant-intensive feasibility studies or costly implementation programs that can take many months and more, with the new assetDNA Pilot Kit, organisations can get up and running with asset intelligence technology right away.


Easy to extend

The assetDNA Pilot Kit can also be easily extended to include more assets, more users, converted into an assetDNA Enterprise Edition and integrated with your corporate systems at any step of the way. It’s the easiest way to get started with asset intelligence.

Puts you, not teams of consultants, in the pilot seat

Get up and running in less than a day! Manage an unlimited amount of data, on any asset, across any industry, as globally unique, to whatever level of detail is important to your business.

See results immediately – at a lower cost of entry, without risk

assetDNA improves your approach to asset management by putting your real-world assets as the centre of your processes. It bridges the gap between the data sitting in corporate information systems and your assets in-the-field, between corporate strategy and operational reality. By deploying the new assetDNA Pilot Kit, enterprises can leverage the full power of asset intelligence technology to accelerate return on investment and reduce risk at a lower cost of entry than has ever been possible before.