assetDNA features summary

assetDNA is packed full of powerful features to help organisations bridge the gap between data and assets, build capabilities for asset intelligence and improve enterprise-wide asset management. These include:

A complete asset intelligence solution 

Desktop, mobile, PDA, asset IDs, services & support

assetDNA is a complete, fully-integrated asset intelligence software and hardware solution. It can involve any combination of software, asset IDs, mobile apps, mobile devices, translators for exchaning data with your existing information systems, and it’s backed by Relegen professional services for technical support. It’s also easy to integrate with enterprise asset management software systems, CMMSs, touch-screens, SCADA and GPS asset tracking systems. Implementation can be as simple as the out-of-the-box assetDNA Pilot Kit or a fully-customised system finely tuned to your business needs. 

Define your own assets, types, classes & structure

Plus the info you want to collect on them

assetDNA is an open, flexible, user-driven system. Manage an unlimited number of assets, of any type – big, small, tangible, intangible, mobile, mission-critical, product, people, and more – from any industry, as globally unique, to whatever level of detail is important to your business, from cradle to grave. There are no predefined forms, mandatory structures or fields – you build the structure and define what data you want to collect to mirror your business.

Intelligent, multi-layer asset IDs 

RFID, barcodes & microdots in one single, smart tag

assetDNA works with a wide range of asset tagging and identification systems such as barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, covert security identifiers, direct part marking, as well as its own patented multi-layered solution. It also uses it's own patented multi-layered assetDNA ID solution, a unique asset identification system which integrates global unique serialisation, barcode labels, RFID asset tracking, and microdots into a single, smart tag. assetDNA IDs can be applied to any thing to enforce global uniqueness, track asset location, manage workflows and asset lifecycles, monitor asset operation, keep secure and more. And, even if part of a tag is separated from an asset, the integrated microdot technology means the asset will always be able to be identified as your own. Learn more about assetDNA IDs >>

A unique single-working window

For a super-informative user interface

assetDNA’s ‘super-informative’ single working window provides fast visibility of all your asset intelligence. Its simple and intuitive interface is designed for a true 360° view so that users can easily retrieve the asset data they are after with minimal clicks. assetDNA is also packed with many time-saving navigation features including a powerful ‘QuickSearch’ function, filtered views and more. With assetDNA, all your asset intelligence is always at your fingertips.

Collect in-field data, on the go 

With the fully integrated assetDNA mobile app

The assetDNA system includes as-standard a fully-integrated mobile EAM application for in-field data collection. This tool puts the power of assetDNA into the hands of staff to collect asset data in the field and enhance the quality of corporate asset data. Users can record asset conditions, status, maintenance actions, log safety incidents, take photos and more, on the job and on the spot. It can replace paper based systems, standardise work orders and procedures, be used to conduct physical asset audit, asset integrity inspections and collect new asset information, straight from the source.

Global unique serialisation

For traceability & data integrity throughout the full asset lifecycle

assetDNA’s global identification system eliminates inconsistencies and  ensures traceability. Global unique serialisation is enforced by the assetDNA software. From there is can be written to and carried on assetDNA IDs. This capability means you can always identify an asset with confidence and distinguish it from other like or unlike assets. assetDNA’s global unique serialisation is the key to ensuring traceability, data integrity, correlating knowledge and sharing information with other users of the same type of asset, globally, anywhere and anytime. 

Standardise & replicate best-practice processes

And, quickly deploy to staff in the office & on-the-go

assetDNA enables you to create and manage custom workflows around assets. From there you can easily deploy these to your workforce in the field via the use of the assetDNA mobile app which runs on the PDA or a custom touch screen interface. This powerful capability enables you to eliminate paper-based systems and accelerate the standardisation of best-practice procedures such as checklists, asset inspections, maintenance, work orders, even ‘Take 5’ personal safety risk assessments and more. What’s more, the end-user experience is second to none, with the mobile app interface purpose-built for operational staff on-the-go.

Advanced asset relationship management

One-to-one, one-to-many, and more

assetDNA includes advanced features for managing relationships between assets. Manage relationships between asset and custodians for asset check in check out, standardise workflows around the issue and receipt of assets to ensure authorised access commensurate with training and authority, transfer assets between locations, in and out of quarantine and more. You can also manage changes in asset relationships over time all whilst being able to view and report on a full history at any point. assetDNA makes the management even the most complex asset relationships, easy.

Manage data across the asset lifecycle

From cradle-to-cradle & cradle to grave 

One of assetDNA’s key strengths is its ability to easily manage data across the asset lifecycle. From design, specification and purchase, through to commissioning and into operation, for maintenance, upgrades, modifications, in and out of quarantine, recycle, all the way through decommissioning and ultimate disposal, assetDNA will capably handle all asset data at every stage of the lifecycle. This complete enterprise-wide visibility sets the stage for better decisions that drive value at every stage of the asset lifecycle, and ultimately a bigger impact on the bottom line.

Associate documents & link to websites 

Full editing & version control inside assetDNA

assetDNA has built-in document management tools for building a complete asset intelligence repository. Use them to store, organise and share all asset documentation such as checklists, forms, test certificates, purchase records, warranty information, product user manuals and more. With the right permissions you can even edit and save changes to documents whilst the system records a history of these changes and gives you the option to revert back to previous versions at any point in time.

Take digital photographs & store images 

Capture maintenance and safety issues in-the-field, on-the-spot 

Asset data in the form of images can be stored and retrieved in assetDNA. You may want to store a photo as a visual guide to help others identify the asset in-the-field. What is more, using the assetDNA mobile application and the built-in camera in the PDA, you can take photos and directly associate them with assets, on-the-go. If an in-field asset is damaged, presents a safety hazard or needs further evaluation, take pictures as credible evidence of the situation using this handy capability.

Track asset location, movement and transfers

Record geospatial information & view in Google Earth

Take advantage of assetDNA’s ability to record and track the locations of all your assets. You can also record longitude and latitude coordinates against assets and view them in Google Earth. Asset security can also be assured with assetDNA’s integrated RFID technology and linking them with geospatial information. Assets can be checked in and out of locations and the history of their movement recorded. What’s more, assetDNA includes a powerful location tree-view for an instant enterprise-wide view of all organisational assets at their locations.

Automatic recording of field change history

Data-driven audit trails for managing risk and demonstrating compliance

In increasingly demanding regulatory environments, it is important to demonstrate ongoing compliance. assetDNA’s attribute value history features help to minimise risk and automate compliance. The system keeps a full history when any attribute values are changed. Furthermore, the previous entries are kept so you can view older values and review the attribute values changing over time, taking enterprise risk and compliance management to a new level of efficiency. With assetDNA, you can spend less time on physical audits, manual processes and paperwork whilst demonstrating higher levels of quality, compliance and control in quality reviews. 

Due-date controls

For routine works and asset optimisation

assetDNA helps to ensure that no compliance or routine works slip through the cracks and that they are always managed efficiently and effectively. It enables you to create due dates to help you automate processes, accomplish your goals and improve the quality of servicing or services your organisation provides.  Easy-to-use filters then allow you to view what’s due, and more detailed reports will give you complete visibility, enabling you to stay focused on asset optimisation and move from reactive to predictive and beyond.

Triggers & auto email alerts

Improve efficiency and eliminates manual works

assetDNA provides the ability to create database triggers and email alerts to help you take continual steps to improve efficiencies. Use these features to automate simple, repetitive tasks, ensure greater accuracy and save time. Triggers set into motion database changes based on asset or attribute conditions, as determined by your workflows. For example, use it to automatically reduce spare-part stock levels when an item has been used as part of a maintenance workflow. Or, use it for security purposes and send an automated email alert whenever there is an attempt to issue an item to someone without the appropriate training or authority.

Role-based security and permissions

Full flexibility combined with total control

assetDNA has a robust enterprise-grade role-based security model that is simple to administer. Easy-to-use controls enable assetDNA administrators to configure user roles to match your company’s approach. Then it’s simply a matter of creating permissions to perform certain operations in the system which are tied to these roles. Users can be assigned one or multiple roles which enable or restrict their assetDNA system access to the permissions for the roles to which they have been authorised. 

Collaborate over the web

Secure, reliable remote access

Where remote access is required, organisations can provide their users secure access to assetDNA in a web access environment. Users experience seamless access to assetDNA with the full amount of functionality in accordance with the permissions of their user role, whether over a local area network or at a remote site office.

Data import & export 

With step-by-step wizards

assetDNA provides easy-to-use tools for inserting new data into your asset intelligence database or extracting from it using the industry-standard CSV file format. The assetDNA data import wizard offers a simple, step-by-step guided process to set-up an assetDNA database and mapping of source data to assetDNA. Users can also export data as CSV or MS Excel files for further interrogation and analysis.

Build custom reports 

For further analysis of your asset intelligence

assetDNA’s user-friendly Report Viewer allows a user to view, print and save pre-compiled reports on assetDNA data via a web interface. Or, use assetDNA’s Report Builder to search and filter asset and asset attribute information, as defined by you, into a simple table and CSV file format supported by Microsoft Excel.