assetDNA capabilities

assetDNA delivers a vast range of capabilities. Here are some of the many ways assetDNA can be put to work across your organisation:


Issue & receipt
assets to people


Global unique asset ID
& security


Manage any 'thing' - people,
plant & equipment & more


Manage competency
& authorised access


Conduct in-field
asset audits


Replicate best practice,
quickly & easily


Standardise processes to
optimize productivity


Automate & enforce


Store, edit & share


Take photos,
store & share images


Manage stock
& inventory


Manage assets in & out
of quarantine


Meet compliance
& regulations


Manage asset reuse
& recycling


Track asset location,
movement and transfer

Manage infrastructure
& linear assets

Manage maintenance

asset disposal

Manage parks &
environment assets

Share asset data,
over global communities