What is asset intelligence technology?

Making decisions without trusted, real-world information is not an option for organisation operating in today’s globally competitive and regulatory environment.

And yet, despite significant investment in corporate information systems to date, most organisations today still don’t have a thorough understanding of what ‘things’ they have, what they are doing, where they are located, what stage they are at in a workflow, who’s got them, when something is due, or even, if they really are what we think them to be.

And so, we continue to make decisions and take action based on problematic asset data – data that is incomplete or out of date.

For some, this can result in breaches of security, safety or compliance, and for others, poor asset performance can lead to unplanned costs, lost productivity, and untapped opportunity.

Whatever your business, the challenge is to bridge the gap – the gap between data and assets, between fiction and reality, between corporate strategy and operational reality.

Asset intelligence technology is the missing link. It’s the critical enabler that bridges the gap between the data residing in your corporate information systems – EAMs, ERPs, CMMS – and your real-world assets in-the-field.

Asset intelligence technology works to unify all this asset data into an authoritative, single source of truth and then anchors it to the point of interest that provides your business capabilities – your real-world assets.

By connecting these dots and directly linking real-world assets with all the information held about them across your organisation you can extend the investment in your corporate information and build capabilities for asset intelligence – intelligence to make better business decisions with data you can trust.


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