About assetDNA IDs

The next-generation in asset identification and asset tagging has arrived. assetDNA IDs, a proprietary solution developed by Relegen engineers, roll three technologies – RFID, barcodes & microdots – into one single, simple, smarter asset ID system. Their extreme flexibility and tight integration with assetDNA software open up the exciting possibilities for asset intelligence to any organisation today. 

What are assetDNA IDs?

assetDNA IDs represent a new kind of asset identification system that delivers many more capabilities beyond what a simple barcode, RFID tag or a microdot can do on its own. assetDNA IDs can be applied to any thing and used to enforce global uniqueness, track location, manage workflow, monitor capability, keep secure, reduce risk, optimise performance and more. And, even if part of a tag is separated from an asset, the integrated microdot technology means the item will always be able to be identified as your own. 

Why use assetDNA IDs?

With many asset identification technologies, it is generally only possible to identify and track a type of asset. However with assetDNA you can enforce globally unique identifiers onto any type of asset, or asset component, in any situation. assetDNA IDs are also unique in that they are a truly vendor-independent tagging solution. This means you can exploit the potential offered by new and emerging asset identification technologies as they become available from leading manufacturers. As a result, assetDNA IDs support a much greater range of business applications. Click here to see some of the many ways assetDNA can be put to work in your organisation >>

What types of assetDNA IDs are available?

assetDNA IDs come in a wide variety of tagging applications suitable for any type of asset ranging from documentation, safety equipment, products, right through to ships, conveyor lines and machine componentry. There is, however, no one-size-fits-all approach to tagging. For different types of assets or large scale project requirements, Relegen provides a range of assetDNA ID applications. Tags can be read using commercial off-the-shelf hardware devices and there will always be an appropriate and cost-effective solution for your needs. assetDNA tags have been designed by engineers, for engineers, so they can withstand rugged environments and are very easy to read. We can produce, source and supply:
  • 1D linear barcode labels and asset tags
  • 2D data matrix barcode labels and asset tags
  • HF RFID asset tags
  • UHF RFID asset tags
  • Coverty security identifiers, microdots [DataDot Technology]
  • Tamper-evident labels and asset tags
  • Durable and ruggedised asset tags
  • And more

Got a question about assetDNA IDs?

Please contact us to discuss your business requirements for asset identification, or, to order additional assetDNA IDs.