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Developed by Relegen engineers in real-world environments, assetDNA is packed full of powerful features for managing any ‘thing’, as globally unique, from cradle to cradle, and cradle to grave.

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From reducing costs, to improving safety and security, managing risk and compliance, improving productivity and innovating operations, the benefits of asset intelligence are far-reaching.

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Use assetDNA to issue assets to custodians, capture conditions in the field, on the go, automate workflows, manage audits, servicing, certification, re-use, recycling, disposal and much more.

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assetDNA Pilot Kit

The asset management industry’s first fully-integrated rapid deployment solution that includes all you need to get started with asset intelligence. Best of all, you can be up and running in 1 day!

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assetDNA IDs

assetDNA ID’s are an intelligent, multi-layered asset identification solution which integrate global unique serialisation, barcodes, RFIDs, and microdot technologies into a single, smart tag.

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What’s asset intelligence?

Find out how asset intelligence software technology will improve your approach to enterprise asset management and help you make better business decisions with data you can trust.

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