About assetDNA

Fully-integrated software, mobile, tagging, hardware solution for all your asset intelligence – all in one place. Works with corporate systems. Developed by engineers. Used by industry leaders.


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ACBPS case study

See how assetDNA + RFID technology helps the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service track chain-of-custody and gain an agency-wide view of all their mission-critical assets.


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Global unique asset IDs

assetDNA works seamlessly with barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, microdots & direct part marks from leading asset tag manufacturers – as well as our patented combination assetDNA IDs.


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assetDNA mobile

Ready-to-use mobile application – capture operational field data, take photo’s, record locations, issue, receipt and transfer assets, conduct audits, stocktakes, carry out asset inspections and more.


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assetDNA Pilot Kit

The asset management industry's first fully-integrated rapid deployment solution. Includes software, tags, mobile & more – all ready-to-go, right out-of-the-box. It’s asset intelligence made easy.


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Free industry whitepaper

Download "Asset intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now" and read how innovative organisations are maximising return on assets and extending their competitive edge.






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Asset intelligence

Better decisions. Data you can trust.

Bridge the gap between data in corporate information systems and assets in the field – between corporate strategy and operational reality – and create a single, authoritative point of truth for all your asset intelligence.

Discover assetDNA

All your asset intelligence.
All in one place.

assetDNA is a complete solution that combines software, asset IDs, mobile apps, hardware, services, for managing any asset, as globally unique, from cradle to grave.

Who uses assetDNA?

Organisations just like yours.

Clients depend on assetDNA to issue armoury and PPE, standardise workflows, perform physical asset audits and inspections and manage complex operations in Defence, mining, manufacturing and more.